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Transform Your Homesteading Vision into Reality

Your Sustainable Homesteading Dream Awaits: Expert Consultation Services Ready to Guide You Every Step of the Way!

Our Commitment

Your Homesteading Success

At Treehouse Trade School, we're dedicated to empowering homesteaders like you to build sustainable, thriving havens while fostering harmony with nature. Our mission is to provide personalized consulting services that guide you through every step of your homesteading journey, ensuring your dreams take root and flourish.

Scott Allen Bunn, Visionary & CEO

What Can You Expect from Our Consultation Services?

We Can HELP YOU figure out the best decisions for your project, Whether It's...

Home Design
Designing eco-friendly homes tailored to your lifestyle and sustainability objectives.

Building Positionioning
Optimizing building placements for maximum energy efficiency and environmental harmony.

Water Management
Implementing comprehensive water conservation and harvesting systems for sustainable usage.

Farm Layout
Planning diversified and resilient farm layouts to enhance productivity and sustainability.

Forestry Management
Promoting biodiversity and sustainability through expert forest management strategies.

Resource Assessment
Evaluating and leveraging homestead resources for informed and sustainable decision-making.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear Is What Some of Our Happy Clients Have To Say

"Scott's guidance has been instrumental in bringing our homesteading vision to life. His expertise and dedication have made our journey smoother and more rewarding. Highly recommend!"

 - Jennifer P

"Working with Scott was a game-changer for our homestead. His deep knowledge of permaculture and sustainable living has empowered us to create a thriving oasis. Thank you, Scott!"

 - Daniel H

"Scott's passion for homesteading and commitment to sustainability are truly inspiring. His practical advice and hands-on approach have transformed our property into a model of self-sufficiency. We couldn't be happier!"

 - Olivia L

"Scott's expertise in water management and farm planning has been invaluable for our homestead. His professionalism and attention to detail have exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!"

 - Marcus G

"Scott's forestry expertise has revitalized our land and enhanced biodiversity. His dedication to environmental stewardship sets him apart. We're grateful for his guidance!"

 - Emma W

"Scott's resource assessment services have provided us with invaluable insights. His thorough analysis and practical recommendations have empowered us to optimize our homestead. Thank you, Scott!"

 - Olivia L

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Let's work together to create a personalized plan that maximizes the potential of your property and empowers you to live sustainably. Don't wait any longer – take the first step towards your homesteading journey today!

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